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First step (new )

    The idea of group lessons comes from "real "study methods. In a go school the apprentices always study together, sharing their ideas and searching together for the best move. The teacher (in the Asian schools) does not necessarily attend those study meetings, but he is always answers questions students might have. As for playing, usually he plays only the strongest and not so often. This is, briefly, the way it goes in an Asian country. Myself, I played only one game with my teacher, when he accepted me as his student.

    Teaching (studying) GO online has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Most of the people looking for guidance also admire asian culture and I can say this about most of my students as well. So, having a "dojo" (training hall) where you can gather together and a teacher who can shed some light on the unclear things you might have, could be interesting for you. This game is very hard (impossible I would say) to master on your own. The bigger the team, the bigger the chances of finding the best move, so the better individual results. There is one reason for this: you hear other people's opinions and this brings confidence (if we all agree a move is good, each of us can use it safely, knowing the reasons as well - after the group discussion).

     The study groups are divided in 3:

  • from 30 kyu to 20 kyu
  • from 19 kyu to 10 kyu
  • from 9 kyu to 1 kyu

   For players stronger than 1 kyu a special group will be formed if needed. The meetings will be held on KGS in a private room called "DDK Studygroup" and "Studygroups" as follows:
  studygroup30k-20k are at a break at the moment, I hope to resume them soon.
  studygroup19k-10k Membership required! Currently is held every Thursday starting at 6:30PM CET. in "Studygroups" room
  studygroup9k-1k Same as above, membership required. Currently is held every Sunday starting at 7PM CET. in "Studygroups" room  

   KGS is getting more and more popular for its nice Go client ( CGoban ) and friendly atmosphere. Please give it a try!

There are a few rules to be observed by all participants:

  • only members will have access to the group lessons.
  • the is no minimum number but a group will not exceed 8 members
  • the SGF file of the meetings will be emailed to every member of the same group
  • all my private students will have access to the study groups for no extra fee
  • a new member can only join one of the 3 groups but can ask for changing it to another at any moment.
  • each meeting will be 1,5-2 hours long and will consist in a discussion (comment) of a member's game, everyone being free to ask questions. Every week a different member will propose a game of his own.
  • at request I will send the SGF of any meeting to anybody from a different group, for no extra charge.
  • if all members of one group agree upon a different starting hour, it is possible to be changed.
  • the study group for players below 20kyu will be free of charge!
  • for the other 2 study groups (19kyu-10kyu and 9kyu-1kyu) the minimum subscription will be for 12 meetings, as follows
  • For further details, please contact me.
   If a situation occurs when I can't attend a meeting, due to unexpected events, one of my best students (and my assistant) Tir Danut ("byheart" 4d on KGS / 3d* on IGS) will lead the study group. He lives in my home town and I can easily get in touch with him to replace me.

    Any other suggestions are welcome so please don't hesitate to email me.
   I hope you will join and enjoy my new dojo!